Sunday, October 11, 2015

Giants' Daniel Fells in danger of losing his foot to MRSA infection: Report

New York Giants tight end Daniel Fells, who was diagnosed with a MRSA infection last weekend and had five surgeries over the past few days, is now in danger of losing his foot.

According to an NFL Network report Sunday, Fells, who missed last Sunday's game against the Bills and was placed on season-ending injured reserve, was moved from an intensive care unit to a private room over the weekend so he could receive the full attention of one nurse.

More surgeries are reportedly planned for Fells, as doctors try to stave off the infection. The report said, as of Saturday night, doctors were "fighting to save his foot" which is "at risk given the nature of the infection."

The main concern is that the infection has penetrated the bone and could travel through the bloodstream.

The infection started, according to a source close to the situation, when Fells suffered a toe injury, then an ankle injury. To treat it, Fells was given a cortisone shot. After a week of ankle and foot pain, Fells' wife took him to the emergency room on Oct. 2 with a 104-degree temperature. There, they found his ankle was infected with MRSA, a dangerous staph infection that is resistant to many antibiotics.

The Giants, meanwhile, have taken ever precaution possible at their own facility to invite a greater spread of MRSA, having their entire practice facility scrubbed on Tuesday and briefing players on the condition Wednesday. Players did not seem concerned for themselves in the locker room when they were questioned by media last week.

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