Sunday, October 18, 2015

Spectator suffers heart attack at end of Michigan's shocking loss to Michigan State

It is being called one of the wildest finishes in college football history and, when the shocking loss comes against your most bitter rival, it's literally heartstopping.

With just nine seconds left in the fourth quarter of Saturday's game, Michigan was two points ahead of Michigan State and looking like surefire winners. That's when the Wolverines punter handed the game to the Spartans in the final moments of the hard fought game by fumbling the snap.

Fans could only watch in horror or delight, depending on who's side you were on, as the ball slipped loose from the grasp of Michigan punter Blake O'Neill and spun into the hands of Michigan State's sophomore Jalen Watts-Jackson.

That's when the defensive back dashed 38 yards for the touchdown, winning the game 27-23 as the seconds ticked off.

Television commentators and the Wolverines' home crowd — most of whom had already started celebrating what they thought was a historic win over their state rivals — were stunned to see what had unfolded.

And while the shocking loss/jubilant win was over, the medical staff still had to go into overtime.

It was reported that one spectator reportedly suffered a heart attack at the stadium and as Watts-Jackson was mobbed by team mates as he crossed the line, the exuberant celebrations got so intense that he had to be taken to hospital with a possibly broken hip.

It sounds like the heart attack victim had the episode during the waning moments of the game.

"We were going into the stands right after the game ended," University of Michigan spokesperson Diane Brown told The Ann Arbor News.

Brown said that EMS performed CMS on the fan in the stands before transporting him to the hospital.

She also didn't know if the fan was rooting for the Wolverines or the visiting Spartans.

Chances are it was a Michigan fan. Get well soon.

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