Friday, October 2, 2015

Max Scherzer playfully chokes Bryce Harper during pregame handshake (VIDEO)

You would think that the best way to get under Bryce Harper's skin would be to go for his hair. But, lately, it seems like the Washington Nationals slugger has one of those necks people just want to wrap their fingers around.

Just a few days after Washington Nationals closer Jonathan Papelbon throttled the leading MVP contender in the dugout, once again Harper was getting "choked" by a teammate.

This time it was all in fun when Nats ace Max Scherzer secured a hand around Harper's gullet in the dugout before a road game against the Braves.

On Sunday, Papelbon and Harper were involved in a dugout argument during their game with the Philadelphia Phillies. The altercation escalated with Papelbon grabbing Harper around the throat and ended with the Nationals suspending Papelbon four games.

And before anyone starts screaming too soon at Scherzer, he and Harper have done this sort of kidding around even before the Papelbon-Harper incident.

But, all choking aside, you can probably start screaming buh-bye to Papelbon.

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