Thursday, October 8, 2015

Pirates' Sean Rodriguez beats up defenseless water cooler after getting tossed (VIDEO)

Sean Rodriguez got benched by his team and later ejected by umpires following a benches-clearing skirmish on the field, so the Pirates first basemen took out his frustration on one object that could not fight back.

A defenseless Gatorade cooler inside of the Pirates dugout.

Rodriguez said afterward that another player, David Ross, had grabbed his neck in the melee. Ross said it was incidental, and not that he was trying to choke Rodriguez.

“I was frustrated. The guy choked me and I couldn't get to him,” said Rodriguez, the only player ejected. “Our guys held me back out of love as a teammate, and to make sure things didn't escalate.”
Here's what sparked the brouhaha:

And the Internet, well ... it got real creative with the bout in the dugout:

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