Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Legends (Lingerie) Football League posts 'creepy' video of its #1 Hottest Player (VIDEO)

It's not a surprise to find most of you men out there watch the Legends Football League (formally the Lingerie Football League) games for the football. And, just like you used to read Playboy for the articles, in between all the brutal hits and touchdowns, there is a softer and more intellectual side to the women which you would like to inquire about.

And the LFL wants you to see that sexy side — in case you didn't notice through all the visible undergarments, cleavage and buttcheeks.

So the LFL is marketing a video of Alli Alberts on its YouTube channel ranking her as the league's  “Hottest Athlete of 2015.”

On the video, a narrator says the two-way player is known for "Her sleek body, haunting blue eyes and flowing blonde hair, Alberts is the prototypical LFL athlete."

And, if that wasn't enough to earn her the honor, he throws in this little nugget:

“Not only is she the hottest doctor you’ll ever see, but she’s the only player who will chug a beer with you!”

We're sold.

But those comments have a lot of people getting their own panties in a twist.

Sure Alberts is a respected dentist and I've never really watched more than a couple of minutes of the LFL (that's all I need) to know any players, but the women, who are basically naked, do play some good hard-nosed football — just not the kind I want to spend a whole evening watching.

And to anyone who thinks the video is creepy or misogynistic, get over it. What were you expecting?

The league know what puts fannies in the seats and it's the players' own derrieres that does that job.

It's called marketing to your audience. So if you don't like it, change the channel or start your own league.

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