Wednesday, October 7, 2015

MMA fighter literally poops on the mat after losing (VIDEO)

It's a good guess MMA cage fighter Travis Wolford's new nickname, The Brown Bomber, will likely stick around for a while — and for all the wrong reasons. 

During an event in West Virginia over the weekend, Wolford tapped out after being beaten into submission by Daniel Cooper.

But the mat wasn't the only thing that got tapped. Much to Wolford's shock, he quickly realized he had soiled himself during the final moments of the match.

Initially, Wolford just stands there unsure of how to proceed after literally getting the crap beat out him, but manages to do an awkward, clenched butt-cheek walk out of the cage with poop running down his leg.

WARNING: Video may be unsettling to some:

Not many spectators had the guts to laugh out loud at the embarrassed Wolford as he takes the shuffle-of-shame, but one woman can be heard gagging and announcing, "I'm gonna throw up."

Hey Travis. Those all-you-can-eat buffets are never a good idea after weigh-in.

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