Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Darnell Dockett reposts questionable photo of First Daughter Malia: Report

Darnell Docket already found himself in hot water with local law this week after he live-tweeted during jury duty on Monday.

Now the Arizona Cardinals defensive star might be feeling the heat from the Feds after he reposted a photo of 16-year-old First Daughter Malia Obama from a man who originally captioned the photo "When her prom?"

An Instagram used with the username 'dreday_4' posted the backside view of the young lady to his feed on Monday with the caption 'When her prom?'. 

Dockett apparently found the photo funny since he commented "Omgggg" and reposted it on his own profile, adding 'lmfaooo' to the caption. It appears both have since deleted the picture of Malia, a minor, from their profiles. 

But if Dockett felt any remorse in posting the controversial picture of the oldest first daughter, he didn't show it on Tuesday when he started tweeting first thing in the morning from inside court where he was serving on a jury. 

And like most people called in to perform their civic duty, Dockett wasn't too happy to be there, and continued to tweet even after a  bailiff asked all of the jurors to hand over their phones. 
"Damn I got jury duty today!!! F***! I'm not the one for this," he wrote.

He then dispenses some legal advice, while also revealing a detail of the case. According to his tweets, the person on trial may have talked to investigators without a lawyer.

This proves the old adage: Only smart people get out of jury duty.

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  1. Once again! Another example of I!!
    Another beautiful expression of perfect English! Ebonics Rule!
    "Give Me Back My Phone" "Where you Brung It"Eh!