Friday, December 5, 2014

Argentinian woman beaten in front of daughter for wearing rival team's jersey (PHOTOS)

Doctors in Argentina say a woman may be scarred for life after being beaten by a group of thugs in front of her young daughter just for wearing a rival team's jersey.

Authorities said Lorena Sabio, from Tres de Febrero, Buenos Aires, took her daughter Altea to watch the game between fierce rivals Boca Juniors and her local side River Plate before someone spotted her shirt and the Boca fans launched the unprovoked attack, reported MailOnline.

A week later, the young woman says her eight-year-old daughter still has nightmares about the brutal incident which leaves her mom struggling to eat.

Sabio posted these graphic images on social media to show the life-changing injuries inflicted on her.

(WARNING: Photos may be disturbing to some)

"He [her attacker] came up to me and I couldn't believe it when he just punched me in the head, she said.

"I was lying on the ground barely conscious, and he told me to stay there and warned me that if I went to the police, I would pay the price."

Despite telling the police the identity of the man who attacked her, no arrests have been made, prompting Sabio to post pictures of her horrifying injuries for the public to see.

It's hard to think of a more senseless instance of fan violence in any sport.

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