Wednesday, January 15, 2014

UK's Aaron Harrison exchanges words with Arkansas fan (PHOTOS)

There's nothing worse than being on the short end of a thrilling overtime loss to a conference rival — except maybe the walk of shame through the other team's home arena.

As he was leaving the floor at Bud Walton Arena after UK’s 87-85 overtime loss to the Razorbacks, UK’s Aaron Harrison and an Arkansas fan exchanged words.

Herald-Leader photographer Mark Cornelison got a couple of pictures of the brief encounter.

Luckily, UK assistant coach Orlando Antigua stepped in and separated the two before matters got out of hand.

Don't know exactly what was said, but the Kenan Thompson lookalike probably wasn't saying, "Live from Fayetteville ... it's Tuesday night."


  1. Razorback fans are more respectful than this low life. He must of just wondered in from an LSU game.

  2. Must be. Could not be a Hog fan because he can spell.

  3. Sad that a fan would say something negative to any player but some fans just go to far. Sad that he was an Arkansas fan. Kentucky loved Nolan Richardson. Even though it was a Big Rival at one time Nolan was a true Gentleman and Kentucky Fans loved him!