Friday, January 24, 2014

Tour de France champion suffers severe sunburn wearing new mesh skinsuit (PHOTO)

Team Sky's bid to gain an advantage over other racing teams literally backfired on star rider Chris Froome — who suffered severe sunburn during a training ride in South Africa. 

The 2013 Tour de France winner was wearing the new lightweight mesh skinsuit, but failed to apply enough suncream and posted the painful results on Twitter.

Froome sports a bright pink back, except on the pale areas where the packs he wore prevented any burning.

Team Sky unveiled the sheer, skin-tight racing suits — which leaves little to the imagination — last month in hope of securing all "marginal gains" over opposing racers.

They forgot one thing—the SPF.

Michelle Cound, Froome's fiancee, posted the photos on her Twitter page on Wednesday, with the message: "The danger with wearing mesh jerseys... #OUCH"

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