Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Wild minor-league hockey brawl leads to nine ejections (VIDEO)

A Federal Hockey League game Saturday night between the Danville Dashers and Watertown Privateers devolved into a 15 minute brawl between the two sides. It got so bad that the team's coaches started going at it between the benches.

It all started with a big hit in the corner in the middle of the third period and soon fights were breaking out all over the ice. The end result was 152 in penalty minutes and a 17-minute video of the free-for-all.

Adding to the fun is the enthusiastic play-by-play guy and cameraman trying to keep up with the fight action.

Nine players were ejected from the game. You can see the box score here.

Watertown finished the game with only one player remaining on their bench as they only had 13 to start. They scored three more times and won 6-2. 

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