Thursday, January 9, 2014

Shag still has Chris Christie's back despite 'Bridgegate' scandal (VIDEO)

Longtime Chris Christie supporter Shaquille O'Neal is refusing to turn his back on the New Jersey Governor in the wake of Bridgegate — telling TMZ, he still believes in the presidential hopeful despite the backlash erupting from the George Washington Bridge scandal.

Even if you don't believe the embattled Christie — after Thursday's press conference and the developing investigation — Shag isn't turning tail on the Gov.

The Newark, N.J. native, who endorsed Christie last October, told TMZ, "I heard the statement he released. In his statement, he said he was unaware of anybody being involved in something like this and I believe him."

The NBA legend discussed the "Bridgegate" situation with TMZ's  Harvey Levin and the Big Aristotle responded, "[When] you've got more than 50 or 60 people working for you, it's hard to micromanage everybody."

Click on the video below to hear Shaq's campaign endorsement last November.

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