Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Frozen Kansas City fountain dyed Chiefs red is being compared to a winter murder scene

A frozen Kansas City fountain covered with red dye to show support before the Chiefs AFC Wild Card game on Saturday is now being ridiculed for looking more like an blood-spattered arctic crime scene — after the team's shocking loss to the Colts — than a symbol of pride.

Kansas City officials eager for their home team's chance to get to the Super Bowl coated the Northland fountain, known for its beautiful winter ice formations, in blood-red dye.

Unfortunately for Chiefs fans, what started out as symbol of hope and solidarity has now taken a sinister form of murder and betrayal— just like in the film "Fargo" — and led to rounds of mockery from national media and the hometown fans alike.

"This is the first time we have attempted to dye a frozen fountain. #ChiefsKingdom," wrote the Kansas City, Missouri Parks and Recreation Department on its Facebook page.

And as Facebook user Mark Frazier responded, "'Attempt' is the key word.'"

"Hope it's the first and last time," wrote another.

Photos on the city Facebook page show the steady progression of the fountain from crimson winter wonderland to an ominous shade of pink.

More than one commenter drew a cinematic comparison to the brilliant Coen Brothers film.

"Looks like the scene in Fargo were Steve Buscemi is going through the wood chipper..." wrote one woman.

National news outlets have picked up on the Kansas City fountain put-downs, as well.

USA Today wrote: "It just looks like there should be police tape around the whole thing' and said the fountain looked like 'something from a horror movie."

"It looks like something horrible happened here," wrote Deadspin.

While the widespread ridicule of its attempt at showing team pride undoubtedly hurts for the good people of Kansas City, the life-sucking loss probably cuts more.

And it sure looks like Andrew Luck holding that foot at the woodchipper.

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