Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Possible Velveeta shortage looms during NFL playoffs: Report

Forget the polar vortex messing up your football plans this year, here's something to really worry about during the the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl — a shortage of  Velveeta cheese!

The bad news for sports fans, according to a Kraft Foods Group spokesperson, is that some store shelves are running low on Velveeta, right during a prime season for the popular processed cheese.

Some consumers may be unable to find Velveeta products in the next couple of weeks, spokeswoman Jody Moore said by e-mail Tuesday. She did not provide any specific reasons for the shortage, only to say things happen occasionally given the "nature of manufacturing."

"This is really a short-term situation that is more noticeable during our current period of increased seasonal demand," she said. "It is possible consumers in any part of the country may not be able to find some Velveeta products."

Known for its smooth texture that makes it ideal for dips and cheeseburgers, Velveeta is a popular eat for game-watching parties — from college sports to the Super Bowl.

The shortage could be blamed on a steady stream of college bowl games, which culminated in Monday's BCS National Championship game between Florida State and Auburn, and in the midst of NFL playoff games.

And the Super Bowl, which for some Americans is as much about the snacks as it is the game, is less than a month away.

Making matters worse for those in need of a cheese fix, Kraft recently aired TV commercials for a tempting chili con queso dip made with the creamy yellow stuff. Yum.

Kraft's statement came after AdAge reported a Velveeta shortage at some East Coast grocery stores. It's unclear if other regions are affected.

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