Thursday, January 23, 2014

Brandon Jacobs still has grudge with Jim Harbaugh: 'He's a bitch' (VIDEO)

Brandon Jacobs days of running over defenses may be over, but the former NFL star isn't done running his mouth.

The two-time former New York Giants running back made it clear Thursday there's no love lost between him and 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh. Jacobs spent one unhappy and frustrating season in 2012 playing for Harbaugh and the 49ers before ending his career in 2013 where he started — with the Giants.

The bruising back was vocal about his lack playing time while on the west coast and used social media to criticize Harbaugh and the 49ers organization. And it sounds like he still holds a grudge.

“I have two rings and he don’t,’’ Jacobs said of Harbaugh on WFAN’s “Boomer & Carton Show.” “He’s a bitch. It’s not that he was a bitch, he is a bitch and that’s why he hasn’t won anything.’’

The 31-year-old Jacobs played nine years in the NFL, the first seven with the Giants, earning two Super Bowl rings. As a free agent heading into the 2012 season, he opted to take slightly more money from the 49ers, which seemed like a good fit. 

It never worked out. Jacobs’ knee was an issue from the start, and when he became healthy he barely got on the field — five rushing attempts for seven yards in two games. He angered Harbaugh and the 49ers by using Twitter and Instagram to express his longing for the Giants and to complain he was “on the team rotting away.’’ Jacobs asked for his release, which was not granted. Harbaugh eventually suspended Jacobs for the final three games.

“I have one regret in my career and that’s going to the 49ers when I could have stayed in New York,’’ Jacobs said. “I just wanted to see what stuff was like with another team, and it didn’t work out for me. I wasn’t liked, to be honest with you. … I thought I was being held hostage because of the previous year. I got two rings, Harbaugh’s a bitch, so it doesn’t matter.’’

Asked why he felt the 49ers signed him in the first place, Jacobs said: “I have no idea whatsoever, and they didn’t want to release me when I kept going to them with pure respect, which I usually don’t have when I’m pissed off. I kept it respectful the whole time. They just felt we really can’t use him, let’s try to suspend him. I tell you what, I got my money back and playoff and Super Bowl money. Everything. For two years in a row, I got everything.’’

Jacobs returned to the Giants after the first game of the 2013 season and had 58 rushing attempts for 238 yards and four touchdowns. He underwent knee surgery following the season and decided to retire.

“My body, man, it wasn’t responding the same any more: I’d get hurt, then I’d try to come back and play and then I get hurt again, then the hamstring started, the knee started, everything went downhill,’’ Jacobs said. “I really fought hard to get back out there, but my body just didn’t respond to injuries like it used to do. That’s when I knew it was time to call it.’’

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