Sunday, January 19, 2014

Pacers’ David West ejected for elbowing Blake Griffin (VIDEO)

Blake Griffin is used to being the target of unnecessary fouls — with his reputation for high-flying dunks and all — but David West's totally uncalled for elbow to the Clipper's head warranted a stiff penalty. And he got it.

Although it seemed minor in real time, the referees determined that the act required a flagrant-two foul, which comes with it an automatic ejection.

Anytime something like this happens, it’s likely the result of a push-come-to-shove that’s taken place between the two players up to this point of the game. Nevertheless, West’s not-so-subtle elbow here was pretty stupid, and the referees likely did the right thing in removing him from the rest of the game.

The Pacers did just fine without the big guy, and went onto a 106-92 victory over once streaking Clips.

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