Saturday, January 11, 2014

J.R. Smith takes shoelace prank to nightclub after benching (PHOTO)

J.R. Smith took his shoelace shenanigans to a Manhattan nightclub just hours after the Knicks guard was benched during the team's 102-92 victory against the Miami Heat Thursday night.

It didn't take long for Smith, who had just been fined $50K for ignoring the NBA's warning that untying opponents’ shoes during a game isn’t very nice, to venture down the hot spot 1Oak, and give a big finger to everyone over his shoelace scandal.

This is a picture posted from 1Oak, taken either late Thursday night or (more likely) early Friday morning, according to the N.Y. Post. And that’s the defiant Smith — who didn't play a single minute at Madison Square Garden because he messed around with two different opponents' shoelaces — attempting to untie some fellow club-goer’s shoe for fun.

And the mocking message he delivers to everyone — to his coach, the NBA, to his teammates, and to his dwindling posse of fans seems to be — untie me.

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