Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Sochi Olympics Biathlon Center has bi-toilets (PHOTO)

Russia has spent $50 billion dollars on the Sochi Olympics — much of it making sure everyone is safe from the global threat of in-country terrorism and invading foreign gay athletes. But this just might be taking security and team unity to new levels.

Here’s the restroom at the Sochi Winter Olympic Biathlon Center, as photographed by BBC correspondent Steve Rosenberg and retweeted by none other than former Russian chess champion and political rabble-rouser Garry Kasparov.

On your mark ... get set ... go! 



  1. this is crazy, only in Russia or a 3rd world country could this happen

  2. are they his & her?

  3. Please pass the toilet paper.

  4. one way to observe and handle gays. R's make sure no sexual contacts happens. One never knows who would be next to you..lmao

  5. It's all about the team aspect.