Saturday, January 18, 2014

Michael Schumacher might have different personality when he wakes up, warns neurologist

Michael Schumacher is no longer listed in "critical condition" but the Formula One racer "will not be Schumacher" if he wakes up from his coma, a leading neurosurgeon has claimed. 

Like an episode of The Twilight Zone, Dr. Richard Greenwood, a consultant neurologist at London’s Homerton Hospital, said the international racing legend will be a "regular Joe" if he recovers, as a result of his severe brain trauma.

Schumacher has been in a medically induced coma for nearly three weeks after suffering the significant head injury in a skiing accident at a French Alpine resort. The champion was admitted to the University of Grenoble hospital on December 29 after striking a rock while skiing off-trail.

"If Schumacher survives he will not be Schumacher. He will be Joe Bloggs," Dr. Greenwood said at a conference looking into the long-term effects of head trauma.

"His rehabilitation will only be effective if he comes to terms with being Bloggs, and fulfills what Bloggs can do. That’s a very, very difficult process to take people through, and many people don’t achieve it."

Earlier this week, there were reports speculating that Schumacher may never wake from his current state.

"Unfortunately, I have to repeat any information regarding Michael’s health not coming from the doctors treating him, or his management, must be treated as pure speculation," Schumacher’s manager Sabine Kehm said.

Whether it's as Schumacher or Bloggs, I think everyone wishes the race car driver a quick recovery.


  1. This is why I try to enjoy each day as a gift regardless of all the boulders that have to be climbed to get thru the day.13 years ago I went out to clean the roof and gutters and fell,woke up in the hospital different person then the one that went to clean.I broke 9 bones on right side and head trauma has left me being left handed and I am not the same person really even though I can kinda remember before..Life is a daily struggle but I'm so thankful to share time with Grandkids and wife who hasn't left me even though its not easy with me being semi crippled.Today is gift,enjoy each minute

  2. Wow, I didn't hear about Schumacher being injured. He has been my favorite race car driver since i was a kid. I am sad to hear of this and hope he fully recovers.

  3. Man, we hope Schumacher gets better. Such a great driver, hopefully he's able to come back to the track.