Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Pastor cuts sermon down to one-minute so he can watch 49ers game (VIDEO)

Pastor Tim Christensen may have just found a way to prevent the NFL playoffs from interrupting his Sunday huddles in church — his own two-minute drill.

When the Butte, Montana man of the cloth's scheduled 11 a.m. worship service at Gold Hill Lutheran Church coincided with the 49ers vs. Panthers kick off time, he threw his own version of a Hail Mary.

In less time than a Frank Gore scamper, Pastor Christensen led the quickest service ever recorded for his congregation, and, upon finishing, yanked back his robe to reveal a red San Francisco tee.

Pastor Christensen's prayers didn't go unanswered. The 49ers won on Sunday


  1. He should be fired! Trivializes the worship service. A very poor example of priorities. It's bad enough when the common lay person puts sports or other activities ahead of worship, but when a man who gets paid to help lead others does it, it is a failure to perform his job. What other occupation could a man pull this stunt and walk in to work, announce the game, and go home without performing his job?

  2. Best service ever!!! I wish my preacher kept it that short. I missed part of the game