Monday, January 20, 2014

Awesome moment cop stops patrol to toss football with lonely boy (VIDEO)

When you think of police dashboard cameras you usually imagine car chases, DUI stops and generally bad things. That's why this dash-cam video is so awesome.

This Texas patrol car dash-cam captured the heart-warming moment a police officer took time out from cruising his beat to toss a football with a lonely young boy.

Footage from the in-car camera was uploaded by Rosenberg Police Department to their Facebook page, with the caption: "While a 2 minute game of football might not mean anything, to some it could mean everything!"

Sgt. Ariel Soltura has been praised for reaching out to the community by having a quiet game of toss with the 10-year-old, who now says he wants to be a policeman or a professional football player.

Comments under the Facebook page video range from "You guys have got community policing nailed down perfectly" to accusing the officer of "wasting taxpayers money."

You be the judge.

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