Saturday, January 11, 2014

Soccer fans attack club owner and president during Spanish cup match (VIDEO)

With their side trailing 1-0 in the first leg of their Copa del Rey game against Almeria, a group of Racing Santanger soccer fans behind the goal jumped a fence and marched to the Presidential box throwing drinks at the club's owner before attempting to attack the club's president.

Some reports suggest that Ángel Lavín was kicked by supporters before Racing’s private security guards were able to restore order.

The match got off to a bad start when the Racing players, angered at not being paid since September by the financially-strapped club, refused to even start the contest.

Almeria showed solidarity with their opponents by kicking off and passing the ball between themselves before booting the ball out so Racing could take a throw-in and restart the game after the riot.

Racing drew to 1-1 tie.

Hopefully Redskins fans won't get any bright ideas.

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