Monday, January 13, 2014

Blind basketball player scores first basket for the books (VIDEO)

Here's Alek Wolfe, an eighth grader at Saint Albans City School in Vermont, scoring his first basket.

The active Wolfe competes in cross country events, manages the boys basketball team, and even provides color commentary during the games. But he’s also blind and never thought he'd play for the team he supports, but that's exactly what happened last week. 

On Thursday, his coach put him in the game to score his first basket. Alek missed once, missed twice but on the third try, he made a basket and went in the official scorer's book. The crowd went wild and even the opposing team cheered him on.

"It was nothing that I was expecting," said Wolfe, after his coach surprised him by asking if he wanted to inbound a play. 

"So he comes over, ‘would that be awesome?’ I looked at him and said yes. He told me you're going to be in the books, if you score a point this place is going to go absolutely nuts. For him to do that for me is a big honor,” Wolfe said. 

"I went into the game with strategy; the feeling about this was that I was pumped. I was nervous, I was excited about it." 

Basket: two points. Moment: unforgettable.

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