Friday, January 10, 2014

Seton Hall swim team shows up at Pirates basketball game — in their Speedos (PHOTOS)

Here's one group of athletes who couldn't wait for that polar vortex cold snap to finally break — the Seton Hall swim team.

At the Pirates' Wednesday night basketball game against eighth-ranked Villanova, a group of swimmers stood behind the cheerleaders under one of the home court baskets wearing nothing but Speedos and running shoes.

The Seton Hall pool boys, fresh off training camp in Puerto Rico, headed to the Prudential Center in Newark hoping to see a win against the favored Wildcats. Their appearance did earn the college swimmers some airtime on ESPN2 and some awkward tweets from TV viewers, but it was not enough to distract the Wildcats from a win. The Pirates ended up getting dunked 83-67.

Other varsity teams often attend games at the Rock, but few stand out as much as the swimmers, who make the trip at least once a season.

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