Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Seahawks fan who got 'Back to Back Champions' tattoo plans to keep it anyway

The diehard Seahawks fan who got a tattoo in December predicting that his team would win this year's Super Bowl has said he has no regrets about his cocky ink job and plans to keep it despite the Seahawks' devastating last minute loss to the Patriots.

The man, who goes by OC, had the tattoo done on Christmas Eve 2014 at a Florida tattoo parlor.

A transplant from Washington state who now lives in Jacksonville, OC had a Seahawks tattoo since his team played in their first Super Bowl in 2006, when they lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Not satisfied with that, he paid $300 to add two Lombardi trophies and the words "Back To Back Champions" to his original tattoo.

Then, as the clock wound down during Sunday's game, OC's prediction almost came true — until Pet Carroll's fateful play call.

"I fell to the ground and put my head on the ground for about 30 seconds or something like that, I was just in shock," he told The Huffington Post.

Despite the shocking 28-24 defeat to the Patriots turning his prediction into a predicament, OC said he intends to keep his inaccurate tattoo anyway.

Maybe he could add an "Almost" to the original script?

Either way, at least the dude had a sense of humor about it:

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