Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Katy Perry's 'Left Shark' Super Bowl dancer revealed (PHOTO)

Katy Perry's colorful halftime show at the Super Bowl was somewhat overshadowed by a rhythmless backup dancer dressed as a shark.  

Two dancers dressed in shark costumes with their awkward moves and dumbfounded expressions accompanying Perry became Internet hits after video of the halftime show went viral. And especially the Left Shark.

On Monday, dancer Bryan Gaw came forward to admit he was the shark on the left — posting a picture saying, "Yep. The rumors are true. Yours truly."

While fellow dancer Scott Myrick said he was the shark on the right, adding that he had only one minute and 30 seconds to change into the costume.

However, the shark costumes did not lend themselves very well to dancing, which saw the two dancers making awkward, fin-flailing moves.

While Scott was on the right, at one point during the performance Bryan appeared to lose track of the choreography leaving it out of time with him.

But Scott told how manic the show was, writing on reddit: "Yes I was the shark!!!!!! I dance for Katy on her prismatic world tour and have been with her for 5 years! I danced as a gingerbread man in her first tour the California dreams tour. And also her big purple cat, kitty purry.

"I was actually a horse chest piece in dark horse and had to change into the shark costume in 1:30 seconds. It was nuts!"

He said the "visibility was terrible...I ran into a palm tree but the camera missed," adding, "This is just another day in KP land."

Twitter was quick to pick up on the hilarious mistake, with Left Shark getting its own account.

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