Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Robinson Cano cites Seattle weather for last season’s weight gain: Report

During Robinson Cano's first season with the Mariners his stats were a little lighter than the ones he usually put up when he was starring for the Yankees. But those dwindling numbers reportedly didn't coincide with the heavier digits he put on the bathroom scale by season's end.

The second baseman still put up decent numbers on the stat sheet. He was an All-Star Game starter, a Gold Glove finalist and he was fifth in the American League MVP voting, but how many fans noticed a little more heft under the uniform?

Robinson may have hit .314 with 14 home runs and 82 RBI (relatively light numbers for the slugger) but now, the Seattle Times revealed another reason Cano didn't look like the same player he was in pinstripes: He was carrying 20 pounds more than he did by the end of the season in New York. 

And the reason for his six-month weight gain? The Seattle weather.

The Times wrote:

Cano weighed in at 212 pounds in his official physical Tuesday — down 13 from last season.

The reason?

When he was playing in New York and on the East Coast, the oppressive heat and humidity in the summer would cause him to lose weight. He'd start the season around 220-225 and finish at 205-210. However, with the moderate Seattle climate, Cano did not shed those pounds.

So he decided to come in a little lighter this season, something the Mariners also wanted. It should take some pressure off his legs. Cano's goal always is to play in as many games as possible; being a little lighter should help.

The weight loss was impressive considering Cano had to take six weeks off to rest a broken pinky toe he suffered in Japan while playing for a touring MLB all-star team.

And it's somewhat surprising that Robbie didn't bulk up more in New York. Especially with all those delicious Dominican rice-and-bean joints he loves up in Washington Heights.

I just got fatter thinking about it.

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