Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Nets’ Plumlee douses waitress in beer during game (VIDEO)

Mason Plumlee probably won't be invited to anyone's beer bash in the near future after the Brooklyn Nets center ran into a Verizon Center waitress and knocked a full tray of brewskis all over the poor woman.

During his team's 114-77 loss to the Washington Wizards Saturday, Plumlee gently ran into courtside waitress Deila Barr while he was chasing down a loose ball.

"I just kind of see a ball coming towards me, and you can see me kind of kicking it out of the way so I don't trip," recalled Barr. "Then all of a sudden, I just see this giant white mass coming toward me."

That would be the 6-10 Plumlee.
After the collision, the game was stopped for a few minutes so the mess could be cleaned up. Not so Plumlee, who went on playing, smelling like an old hobo.

Fans who got soaked were given bags of Wizards swag and Barr got a new shirt to replace the one she was wearing.

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