Tuesday, February 10, 2015

High school basketball brawl ends game in 1st quarter (VIDEO)

A hard foul during an Indiana high school basketball game set off a wild melee between players, coaches and fans before the game was officially ended — while it was still in the 1st quarter!

Griffith's Anthony Murphy was going in for a dunk when Hammond's Tim Echoles fouled him so hard he flew head-first into the wall on the side wall of the gym. Within seconds, both benches emptied and much of the crowd rushed onto the court, where players and fans were shoving and throwing punches, reported nwi.com.

Griffith was leading 4-0 with 5:32 left in the first quarter when the IHSAA officials called the game and the Griffith police cleared the gymnasium.

The head coaches from both teams are scheduled to meet with Indiana High School Athletic Association commissioner Bobby Cox regarding suspensions and more penalties. Griffith police obtained a copy of a video of the fight and were looking at it to see if they could identify any adults coming onto the floor.

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