Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Did Luis Suarez bite another opponent for fourth time? (VIDEO)

The old saying goes Never bite the hand that feeds you. But it never mentions anything about the hand that tries to defend you — at least in Luis Suarez's book.

The newly acquired Barcelona striker, who has a taste for his opponents as well as the net, looks like he took a little nibble from the hand of Manchester City's Martin Demichelis' hand in the waning minutes of the Champions League game the other night.

Dining alfresco during a match seems to be Suarez's specialty and while his latest tasting on the pitch didn't get a red card, it appears he hasn't curbed his serial biter ways.
Here's the video bite:

There was no reaction from Demichelis or his City team-mates but, with Suarez's past history, the league will probably take a close look at the tape — and the teeth marks.

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