Thursday, February 19, 2015

Andrea Petkovic throws racquet towards linesman during epic rant (VIDEO)

A hot-headed Andrea Petkovic went on a crazed rant over a bad call and threw her racquet in the direction of a linesman during a match at the Dubai Tennis Championships.

The world's tenth-ranked woman's player flew into a rage after a ball was ruled in by the line judge when it appeared to land outside the baseline. The furious German then falls to her knees in frustration, banging her hands while screaming and pleading to the umpire, who remained unmoved by her protest.

Still fuming, Petkovic went on to lose the set on the next point, prompting her to throw her racquet in anger towards the bench, narrowly missing the linesman. Then, in an awkward moment, she sheepishly retrieves the racquet out from behind the advertising boards just feet away from the official as she makes her way back to her seat.

Her opponent, Zarina Diyas,  took advantage of her opponent's temper tantrum and loss of concentration by going on to win the set and the match 7-5, 6-3.

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