Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Goalkeeper sparks brawl by jumping into stands (VIDEO)

A English soccer match ended in a brawl between players and fans, after a goalkeeper hopped into the stands to confront a loudmouth fan. 

After Kingstonian were beaten 2-1 by Bognor Regis Town at home in a Ryman Premier League game, goalkeeper Rob Tolfrey jumped the advertising boards in response to something shouted by someone in the crowd. Punches and words are exchanged, while a Bognor player watches, before players and staff from both sides jump into the melee to break things up.

The brawl lasted several minutes, with players continuing to push and shove each other on the pitch.

While it is not clear what sparked the incident, one player from the semi-pro club claimed that the keeper was punched in the face by a visiting fan during the incident.

Police were called in and are investigating.

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