Friday, February 20, 2015

3-year-old taekwondo student will floor you with cuteness (VIDEO)

This pint-sized white belt may not have mastered the art of taekwondo from a physical standpoint just yet but, when it comes to enthusiasm, nobody is more dedicated.

Leeds Taekwondo & Premier Martial Arts Centre in England posted a video of 3-year-old Sophie Wong, reciting the student creed and the cuteness factor is off the chart.

Pony-tailed Sophie started learning taekwondo about a month ago, after being inspired by her 6-year-old brother who practices the martial art. The clip has reportedly been viewed more than 15 million times since the martial arts school first shared it on their Facebook page.

And if a smile hasn't cracked your face already, here's a mini martial arts match from last year that will:

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