Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Islanders fan reveals her son was conceived in Nassau Coliseum parking lot (VIDEO)

In what might be the most embarrassing "Aww mom" moment of all time, a Brooklyn woman and die-hard fan of the New York Islanders, blurted out that her son was conceived in the parking lot of Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum during an interview on a live television broadcast.

Joy Rosen admitted knocking boots in between the parking stripes thirty-three years ago during Monday night's Rangers-Islanders broadcast on MSG-plus, The New York Daily News reported.

"In 1982, my son was conceived back in that parking lot during an Islanders game," Rosen loudly told MSG's Shannon Hogan.

Rosen — an NHL fan for 42 years — went on to say that the Islanders were not only involved with the conception, but the delivery too.

"I went into labor during the Stanley Cup game, 1982-83 season. (It was) false labor. (I) was able to come back for the last game and watch the Islanders win their next Stanley Cup."

Yup. That was really a good time to be an Islanders fan.

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