Monday, February 2, 2015

NYPD precinct compares Seahawks' dim-witted call to drunk driving

It's being mocked as the worst call in the history of the Super Bowl and apparently someone at an NYPD precinct thinks it is a good deterrent to other bad choices.

Seconds after Pete Carroll's astonishing decision to throw at the end of Super Bowl XLIX, someone inside the 34th Precinct tweeted “Drinking and driving is an even worse idea than throwing a pass from the one-yard line.”

“Call a cab if you need one,” added the  post from the precinct’s official Twitter account, which features a picture of the commanding officer, Deputy Inspector Chris Morello — who later confirmed that he wrote the public service announcement.

Morello suggested he was drawing attention to two problems: drunk driving on Super Bowl Sunday and the questionable play call by the Seattle Seahawks as the team stood poised to win its second title in a row.

And the precinct doesn't choose sides when doling out advice about poor decisions. On Saturday, the upper-Manhattan stationhouse tweeted:

“Don't let drinking & driving cause you to have a deflated #SuperBowl Sunday,” the precinct tweeted on Saturday, referencing the Patriots' football deflating scandal.

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