Thursday, July 30, 2015

'Jeopardy!' throws contestants a curve with Troy Tulowitzki question

Troy Tulowitzki did his part to help complete an answer for "Jeopardy!" contestants Wednesday night. Unfortunately, for Alex Trebek and his writers, the question was just a little outdated — and for the wrong team.

That's because "Mile high" is a clever "Jeopardy!" hint for Colorado and the shortstop was traded to Toronto the day before.
Clearly the "Jeopardy!" writers did not anticipate the Rockies shipping Tulowitzki up north when they wrote this particular clue, probably months ago. And one can only imagine the confusion at home when real baseball fans called out the show for this gaffe.

"Who are the Rockies?  I mean, Who are the Blue Jays? I'll take Potpourri for 100 Alex."

Tulowitzki, who was making his debut against the Phillies on Wednesday, had a monster night for his new team including this two-run homer at the Rodgers Centre.

At least Canada's smartest game show host, Trebek, had to be happy the way Tulo started his career as a Blue Jay.

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