Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Novak Djokovic reduces ballgirl to tears during heated Wimbledon match (VIDEO)

Novak Djokovic may have clinched a victory after a nail-biting final set against Kevin Anderson this afternoon, but the hot-headed Serb may have lost his grip on reality during a match.

Djokovic appeared to be feeling the pressure of defending his Wimbledon championship in the sweltering heat Tuesday afternoon and, during the final match, started shouting and gesturing towards a baby-faced ball girl.

Apparently requesting his towel during the muggy afternoon match, the 28-year-old screamed in her direction and held his hands out in anger in front of the Centre Court crowd.

After wiping his face Djokovic then threw the towel back in the young lady's direction before resuming play

The girl was left visibly shaken and choking back tears, according to sources on the court.

After the epic match, the bullying Djokovic said he would apologize to the young lady later today. 


  1. doesn't seem to be able to handle the public or dealing with people.

  2. Novak should be a role model An apology doesn't always cut it! For. Shame..
    Arrogance for a super athlete is always an embarrassment. . I will never cheer for this athlete again!