Sunday, July 26, 2015

George Brett: Better to be known for Pine Tar Game than hemorrhoids

The Hall of Fame gathering every summer let's former players kick back and reminisce about their playing days or, in some cases, just be dogged by events they would like to forget.

And, as usual, the 32nd anniversary of the infamous Pine Tar Game on Friday brought back some burning memories for George Brett during the Hall of Famers’ golf tournament on Saturday

“It wasn’t like a ground ball went through my legs and I’m remembered for that,” said Brett.

“Prior to that, I was known as the guy with the hemorrhoids in the 1980 World Series,” Brett joked. “Every on-deck circle I went to, from 1980 to July 24, 1983 on the road, I heard every hemorrhoids joke you could imagine. After July 25, I was the pine tar guy. So what would your rather be remembered as? It’s pretty simple.”

The Pine Tar Game, as any knowledgeable Yankee or Royal fan is aware, took place at the Stadium on July 24, 1983 between the two rival teams. Brett hit a two-run homer in the ninth to give his Royals the lead, but Billy Martin requested umps check the pine tar on his bat. Umps ruled Brett had too much pine tar there and called him out, nullifying the homer, giving the Yankees a victory. A temporary one, anyway.

The Royals’ protested the game and it was upheld. The game was continued Aug. 18 following Brett’s homer and the Royals eventually won.

Let's go to the videotape:

Now that's baseball.

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