Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Mike Trout and Todd Frazier jet home to New Jersey together after All-Star Game

New Jersey baseball was in the spotlight at this year's MLB All-Star Game and what better way for the two Joisey stars to get back to the Garden State than by private jet.

That's right. All-Star Game MVP Mike Trout and Home Run Derby champion Todd Frazier returned to New Jersey in the early morning hours on Wednesday on a private jet.

Because that's how they roll ... fly.

Frazier wowed the Great American Ballpark crowd on Monday night with three walk-off victories to win the revamped Home Run Derby, the night before Trout's second straight MVP performance at the Summer Classic.

Even though Trout won a 2015 Silverado Midnight truck (For being the game's MVP) the two friends left Cincinatti by air and both will spend the rest of the break in South Jersey. Trout is from Millville, and Frazier from not-so-far Toms River.

Trout told USA TODAY the plan to share the private jet together was worked about a month ago.

"Me and Todd, we go back a while," Trout said. "We're always messing with each other. He's a great guy."

Jersey owned the house.

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