Friday, July 17, 2015

Softball dads arrested for bloody brawl after daughter was kicked off team (VIDEO)

Two fathers have been arrested after getting into a bloody brawl that started when one of their daughters was reportedly kicked off their softball team.

Michael Barbella drove to confront Michael Duffy after challenging him to a fight via text, according to police.

The two New Jersey men (both in their 40's) began the scrum by shouting at each other in the Maryland parking lot of the Wicomico County Youth and Civic Center around 6 pm Wednesday. 

It was reported that Barbella's daughter had not made the team and her father was angry.

As the pair begin to swear at each other, one of the men can be heard threatening: "I'm going to punch you in the mouth."

The potbellied men can be seen wrestling on the floor, with both repeatedly punching the other in the face.

Witnesses can heard yelling 'Oh s***' as Barbella is left on the ground his face, and the sidewalk, covered in blood.

(Warning: Graphic Video)

The pair have been charged with second-degree assault and disorderly conduct, reported.
Barbella was held on $20,000 bail. Duffy was released with an appearance ticket.

These mooks really take their softball seriously.

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