Friday, July 17, 2015

Cardinals' Tyrann Mathieu sits inside hot car for PETA PSA (VIDEO)

NFL cornerback Tyrann Mathieu knows all about sweating out two-a-days and OTAs, but how would the Cardinals star handle sitting in a hot, closed windowed car for a PETA PSA?

Mathieu put himself to the test by sitting in a broiling car for a news PSA just to show how dangerous it is to leave a pet — or a child — in a locked car on a hot day.

Filmed on a 90-degree day, Mathieu hopped into the passenger seat of a black, Chevy SUV wearing jeans and a t-shirt. After two minutes, the temperature inside rose to 97 degrees. After four minutes, the mercury hit 105 degrees, then 113 degrees after six minutes before finally hitting 120 degrees after just eight minutes.

Throughout the clip, Mathieu tries to cool himself off, wiping sweat from his face with his shirt and fanning himself to no avail.

“I seriously couldn’t imagine leaving my dog in a car like this,” he says. “If you’re going to make a dog a part of your family, then make it a part of your family.”

After eight minutes, he's had had enough and opens the door before stumbled out into the parking lot.

“I can’t do it,” he gasped before being handed a bottle of water.

Hundreds of pets die each year from heat exhaustion after being left inside cars, the American Veterinary Medical Association reports, while more than three dozen children in the U.S. die inside hot cars each year.

Just a reminder.

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