Saturday, July 18, 2015

MLB players blame Taylor Swift for electrical problems at Nationals Park

A set of lights on the third-base line went out three times during Friday night’s Dodgers-Nationals game and, after a sequence of delays, the 3-2 game was suspended in the fifth inning.

And players, tired of the light-related problems, took to social media to pin the blame on someone — namely Taylor Swift.

Pitcher Max Scherzer started it by blaming the Shake It Off singer, who performed at the stadium earlier this week. He even used a creative hashtag.

And Dodgers rookie Joc Pederson even took a shot at the pop princess.

Everyone knew it wasn't Swift's fault and at least one player who could relate to the preening superstar took some of the blame. Bryce Harper tweeted this tongue-in-cheek excuse for the outage.

I think Swift's squeaky clean image just took a little hit — all in fun, of course.

The game will be resumed on Saturday starting at 2:05pm ET.

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