Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Golfer’s wayward tee shot obliterates poor seagull (VIDEO)

A poor seagull came to an untimely demise after the bird was hit with a ball driven by a golfer on a wayward tee shot.

Footage shows the bird landing on the fairway moments before the inadvertent line-drive shot turned the poor bird into a poof of white feathers.

The clip below, posted to YouTube by user Jordan Wright, of Fayetteville, Arkansas, already has over 1 million views. 

You can see that the golfer had no intention of hitting the seagull but, instead of sending the ball into the air, he shot it straight along the ground at the unsuspecting bird who didn't have any time to react. 

The golfer reacts by recoiling and turning his head away in horror before backing off towards the cameraman.

And as a show of respect, no birdie jokes please.

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