Thursday, July 23, 2015

Japanese baseball player has the most entertaining at-bat routine ever (VIDEO)

Most batters, when they step up to the plate, have a ritual to get them prepared to face the opposing pitcher. Something simple, like a check of the bat, a tilt of the helmet or a little cup adjustment.

But not this Japanese high school baseball player who turns the stretching, hopping and bat twirls during his at-bat routine into a grand show.

Combine his animated moves with the drums, cowbells and a sour-sounding version of We Will Rock You filling the stadium and you have baseball's version of a Japanese game show.

It's funny when he cockily points at the pitcher after fouling off a tough one (at about 2:39) but ends hilariously as scurries back to the dugout, after all that bluster, on a weak ground out.

Can you imagine this live amine trying to steal second?

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