Sunday, July 12, 2015

Jimbo Fisher bans Florida State players from bars: Report

It looks like Florida State football players will have find some new places to hit on women this season.

After news broke Friday that Florida State running back Dalvin Cook would be charged with battery after allegedly punching a woman outside a Tallahassee bar, Jimbo Fisher released a statement saying he would hold players accountable for their actions, and promising that "we will do better."

And it sounds like the first part of the FSU head coach's plan to do better is to ban players from Florida drinking establishments.

Cook's alleged assault comes just weeks after quarterback De'Andre Johnson was kicked off the team after being charged with hitting a woman inside another Tallahassee bar. 

Now the the Tallahassee Democrat is reporting that Fisher met with his players on Saturday, and declared bars off-limits.

While the coach is hopeful this off-the-field game plan will deter FSU players from getting into future trouble, it's only a start.

A better deterrent might be if Fisher starts handing out more severe punishments. Should Cook be found guilty of the crime, booting the Seminoles starting running back off the team like he did Johnson will send a far louder message than anything else.

And Jimbo might want to ban players from the supermarket seafood sections too.

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  1. Coach Jumbo Fishbait should be banned from coaching young men. If you want to learn how to look the other way, keep your spouse, be real examples how not to cave into your supervisors wrongful activities, then Fishbait is your "man".