Thursday, July 9, 2015

James Harrison rips ESPN's Adam Schefter for posting Jason Pierre-Paul’s medical report

The status of Jason Pierre Paul’s condition after a Fourth of July fireworks accident left everyone — including the New York Giants — wondering how serious his hand injury was.

That was until ESPN obtained a copy of the defensive end's medical report and Adam Schefter posted Pierre-Paul’s medical record confirming that the defensive end had his right index finger amputated.

And the ESPN reporter not only wrote about it, he posted JPP's actual medical record on Twitter for the world to see.
There was some dismay from the media and other NFL players after Schefter's post and Pittsburgh Steeler linebacker James Harrision was one of those who was angriest.

The real questions here are who the source was — which might be hard to find out — and the legality of handing out copies of personal medical records. And, now that it's out there, questions about doctor/patient confidentiality and the media are something the players have put in play.
Sounds like this has opened an important legal issue for the player's union.

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