Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Giants co-owner says Johnny Manziel 'doesn't fit the profile' of a Giants player (VIDEO)

Although the New York Giants discussed the possibility of taking Johnny Manziel if he fell in the draft (and he did), the team had reservations about the hard partying quarterback and his rollicking ways.

Now that the highly visible Johnny Football is the property and concern of the Cleveland Browns, Giants co-owner Steve Tisch spoke out about the free-wheeling rookie.

Tisch told TMZ he'd be concerned too if Manziel was a draft pick of the Giants. But also noted that his team's history of picking certain types of players would have made Manziel a pick that "doesn't fit the profile" when it comes to the Giants' culture over the years. 

You hear that L.T.?

Tisch ultimately wished Manziel plenty of success but added that he wouldn't feel that way if Manziel were the quarterback for the Eagles, Cowboys or Redskins.

"We have a fantastic quarterback who I hope has another amazing season," Tisch explained. 

"If he's playing for anybody outside our division, I would hope he'd be good for them. I wouldn't want him to be good for the Eagles, Cowboys or Redskins, but I hope he's good for Cleveland, I hope he has a good year. I think he knows what he has to do to stay on the team, to work with his teammates, to be part of a productive, functional locker room. A lot's going to come out once training camp starts."


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