Friday, July 18, 2014

A.J. Hawk takes out fan with tackle at celebrity golf tournament (VIDEO)

The Green Bay Packers training camp doesn't begin until next week but that didn't stop A.J. Hawk from getting in a little scrimmage time while relaxing on a golf course.

Hawk spent his final free weekend in Lake Tahoe, playing in the American Century Championship Celebrity Golf Tournament and obliged a fan who asked to be tackled by the NFL linebacker at the tee area.

The bro-am moment could have had serious ramifications but Hawk did it anyway.

"He guy was a big guy, too, so I was kind of worried for a second. I wasn't sure if I should do it or not," Hawk said about the no-pads hit. "But his buddies were the ones egging me on, saying 'Kill him, do it, take him down.'

"I hit him pretty solid, right in the ribs with my shoulder. It felt good. I thought for a second that the guy might turn when I was coming, he might turn on me and try to hit me. So I said I kind of have to give it my all. I didn't want to go to the ground; I really thought I was going to rip my pants as well. But I didn't, so that was a victory."

Looks like he's already in shape.

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