Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Steelers lineman sued for herpes, blames sores on 'zipper malfunction': Report

Pittsburgh Steelers nose tackle Cam Thomas is being sued for allegedly giving his ex-girlfriend genital herpes and reportedly lying to her about it.

The woman known as "Adrienne" claims the 27-year-old Thomas said the "puss-filled bumps on his buttocks and inner thigh" were the result of sweat buildup and that the noticeable sores on his penis came from a zipper accident, in a report filed in San Diego and obtained by TMZ Sports.

Thomas — who started 10 games for Pittsburgh last year — has vehemently denied the allegations through his legal team, who say the woman is only after money.

Either way, this is just TMI about STDs from TMZ.

Adrienne claims she dated Thomas in 2010 when he played for the San Diego Chargers
and that the two would often have unprotected sex.

According to the lawsuit, she had a health check up in December 2010 and the results were all clear.

Then in February 2012 she tested positive for genital herpes.

Adrienne maintains Thomas is the only person that she could have contracted the disease from.

In her suit, Adrienne also claims Thomas was physically abusive during their relationship.
However, she never went to police to file a complaint.

She's suing for sexual battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, fraud through intentional concealment and negligence.

Adrienne is seeking unspecified damages. Thomas said he will fight the claims in court.

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