Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Trent Boult makes greatest cricket catch ever (VIDEO)

Trent Boult pulled off an incredible catch in New Zealand's second T20 match against the West Indies on Sunday, stepping over the boundary to grab the ball one-handed, flip it in the air and dive back in to snatch it again to take the wicket of Kieron Pollard.

For all us baseball snobs who wouldn't know a wicked googly from a naughty search engine, many cricket fans are calling this Puig-like catch the greatest of all time.

Here's how Britain's Daily Mail described the action: 

Boult was standing on the boundary when West Indies' Kieron Pollard mowed Corey Anderson into the leg-side.

The ball was going over his head so the New Zealand fielder caught it with one hand (which was remarkable in itself) and threw the ball up into the air to avoid carrying it over the boundary for six.

Boult's effort is possibly even better than the catches taken by the Aaron Finch/Adam Lyth combination for Yorkshire this summer.

I have no idea what that means, but judge the Kiwi's catch yourself below.

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